The Healing Benefits Of Chiropractic

Most people in their everyday lives have things happen that effect their bodies. Dysfunction in their musculoskeletal system can benefit from chiropractic care. From pain relief, injury rehabilitation, optimal athletic performance, aging and improved immune function. These are all some the benefits a person may undergo when they have misaligned spine, back, or neck. For people who need to be physically active for their work, sport and daily responsibilities, the presence of such dysfunction disables them from performing well. This is due to the fact
that any form of movement on the traumatized area of the body can result in stress and possibly more damage causing more pain and discomfort.

Regardless of the cause of your initial pain and problems, among the many benefits research shows you may enjoy as a result of chiropractic care are as follows:

better movement and improved circulation

lower levels of lactic acid 

higher oxygenation and better nutrient delivery to cells

increased flexibility

improved comfort and decrease or elimination of pain

Faster recovery time

Reduced muscle spasm

Prevention of future injury and improved immune function

More relaxed feeling

The Overall Approach
If you want to enhance the benefits of chiropractic care, it is best to combine your efforts with an overall approach to your health and wellbeing. Health is not merely the absence of pain and symptoms. The healthier you are, and the healthier you become the greater the potential benefits of your chiropractic care. Minimize dis-ease and maximize your health. The relief from any pressure or source of discomfort and irritation will allow your body to attain maximum
mobility and better performance. credit to Dr.Stacy Burke, DC

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When I started driving my parents were very insistant
that I have roadside assistance. I didn't really understand or care, but they paid for it so why not? I never realized how important it could be until one morning when I was driving from my families home back to college. I went to college in a small mountain town in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. My journey back to college was filled with curvy, steep mountain roads.
On that morning, probable driving too fast I rounded a curve and on the other side was a log in the road. Well I hit the log, my Dodge Neon went spinning and thankfully rested on the side of the road. I blessed that morning to not have been hurt  or have hurted anyone else.

Even though I wasn't hurt, it left me stranded on the side of the road. Now back then there were no cell phones. Well, there might have been those giant blocky cell phones that only rich people had..but pretty much there were no phones. I was left at the mercy of any passer by that would stop! Now days that seems so frightening, I'm happy my kids will never be left at the mercy of a stranger.

Anyway, a gentlemen did stop and picked me up and took me to the nearest town which was about 20 miles away. Once I got into town, I used a pay phone...yes a pay phone and I called the number on my roadside assistance card. The town truck driver actually came and picked me up, we went to my car, and he towed us back to town
to a service shop where I could have my car fixed.  I was so greatful that
day that my parents insisted on me getting roadside assistance. Had I not have had that, I don't know what I would have done! I say all of that to say this.

Make sure your loved ones are protected. Especially your children,
the elderly, and just anyone that can't change a tire, lol A.K.A.
ME!! Xpress Healthcare has plans with Roadside Assistance for as little as
$19.99 a month!! Isn't your family worth it?
 Roadside Assistance is available 24/7/365. It helps members when owned or leased vehicles are disabled due to unavoidable circumstances.  Members only have to pay for non-covered expenses or covered costs over the 15 miles towing per occurrence maximum (up to $80 retail value).  This service can be used by the member, spouse, and dependent children up to 21 years of age permanently
living at registered address when driving any vehicles that they own or lease for 12 months or longer.

  • Up to 15 miles towing per occurrence maximum for covered charges (up to $80 retail value).
  • Towing Assistance.
  • Flat Tire Assistance.
  • Fuel, Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service.
  • Lock-out Assistance.
  • Battery Assistance.
  • Collision Assistance.
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We need another bathroom! This has been my thought for the past three years. You see about 3 years ago my house burnt down. I have spoke of this in other PR’s. We were living in a rented house while we remodeled my new
husband’s one bedroom one bath, bachelor pad! Well, after
fire we were all forced to move into his trailer! Our plan was to turn
single wide nightmare into a double wide. 

 Now, we didn’t want to take out a loan to do this. My husband is a carpenter, he builds stuff for a living, so he is more than capable of building us a
house. So instead of the quick fix, hire someone to do it. I let him build

It’s been a slow process. Three years later its nearly done!!! Except only one
bathroom still! Three years ago it wasn’t as big of a deal. My girls were 8
and 10. They didn’t require a lot of bathroom time. Now,they are 11 and 13 and getting into the bathroom in the mornings can be challenging.

 Now, I know your asking yourself, “What does this have to do with your business Wendy?” Well, I’m so glad you asked. When I started my business I knew it would be a slow go. I didn’t have the money to invest in paid
advertising and such. I figured I would have to do a little at a time. It’s
working! I haven’t spent a dime on advertising and little by little my
business is coming together. The foundation has been set. The walls are
dried in and the roof is on! Soon the inside will be done and I’ll be
looking to expand! It hasn’t happened over night, but it’s

Your business can do that too! I you just take it slow, brick by brick, board by
board. If your looking for a strong team with a strong product to help
build your foundation.

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I still need
another bathroom!!


  It costs how much??

I get that question a lot when I talk to people about my Network Marketing program. Nothing in life is free!...almost nothing! Not even your 9-5 job is free! I mean really, if you want to break it down. My husband drives to work everyday, it cost him $20 a day just to drive to in a sense he is paying to work. 

Now lets think about when you start a business. Whether it be a flower shop or a restaurant. First you have to buy your merchandise, food, or whatever it is your selling. Not only that but you probable have a rent fee, plus your utilities, your in the negative before you've even opened your doors!!

Once your business has opened if you don't do advertising chances are you will have no customers...most new businesses advertise in the paper. That can get pretty pricey!!

And what about on your slow days?? The light bill still has to get paid, you still have to pay rent! Even if don't sell a single thing that day.

Do you see where I'm going with this?? When your looking at Network Marketing Opportunities. Look at what all your getting? For instance with Xpress Healthcare we pay $67 dollars, it includes numerous personalized web site's, capture pages, auto responders, look at all the features below....and you has get the premium package! So you can save on your families heath care too!

Plus Xpress Healthcare has awesome training! Just that simple. So is $67 dollars really that much after all? If you put things into perspective, not at

find out what exactly your getting for the money your putting into your home
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This press release has taken a totally different turn today. I’m sitting on the floor with my 10 month old. My computer is on the couch to prevent little hands from grabbing at it. We’ve been up since about 6:00 this morning. She’s not feeling good today. I’ve bribed her with a bowl of Cheerio’s to keep her busy while I write my morning Press Release.

She’s fussy, whiny and keeps trying to pull my hands away from the computer so that she will have 100% of my attention. I guess my point for today is that through Relationship Marketing and Direct Sales I’m able to sit here and be home with her. I don’t make claims to be rich and have all the finer things in life. Material things that is, because to me being able to be home with my sick little one is the “finest” thing possible for me. I can help you achieve your goals as well. Xpress Healthcare is offering a “FREE” two week ABO trial! Start working today!! You
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An old Indian was teaching his grandson about life and said to
the boy, “ A fight is going on inside me. It is a terrible fight, and it is
between two wolves. One is evil-he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed,
arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is good- he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.”

The grandfather sighed and continued, “This same fight is going
on inside you- and inside every other person too.” The grandson thought about for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf

The grandfather replied, “The one you

We all have this in us. The question is which side will we let
win? Our progress in life and business can come to a stop because we’re feeding the wrong wolf.  Feeding the wrong
wolf  can back us into a corner and trap us, that wolf can get ahold of us and hold us down.  He will lock Us in his cage.

We need to break free from our own cage. Replace the negative in
our head with positives. Don’t listen to the wolf that says “You” can’t.  Wake up each morning and say at least
one good thing about yourself, to yourself.  When I was a kid, I use to think I could do anything I wanted, I could be anything I wanted. Then somewhere along the line, the wolf started growling. 
I now realize you CAN, do anything you want to do. You CAN….. if you just will.  You CAN prevent that wolf from holding you hostage.  Every
time you have one negative thought, immediately replace it with a positive one. Pretty soon, that wolf will start to starve out….and eventually die.

So my question for you today is “What wolf are you feeding?”